DevOps Engineer

negotiable Expires in 4 months


Job Title:                    DevOps Engineer

Reports To:               Director of Cloud Operations

Job Description:     Design, implement, and deploy high availability automated tools in the cloud environment. Plan and conduct technical tasks associated with the implementation of cloud application infrastructure. The DevOps Engineer collaborates with technical leadership, development, system engineers, and business stakeholders to augment cloud solutions that will meet operational goals for high availability, performance, stability, security, and cost efficiency.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor’s degree with major in Computer

Science, Mathematics, Information Systems, or related.


2+ years as a Linux System Administrator or similar

2+ years as DevOps Engineer, experience with DevOps tools, processes, and culture

2+ years as a developer

Able to write clear and consumable documentation


Technology and Software

Amazon Web Services experienced required

Linux Operating systems (Debian or similar) required

Advanced experience with programming and/or scripting languages (Python, Perl, Java, bash, Ruby)

Systems monitoring experience with tools such as DataDog, Pingdom, New Relic

Log analyzing experience with tools like ELK, Splunk, Sumologic.

Infrastructure as code tools such as: terraform, CloufFormation

Systems configuration management experience with automation tools such as Salt, Chef, Ansible, or Puppet

Databases and data structure tool such as: PostgreSQL, Redis or similar

Understanding the Role:

Your responsibility will be to design tools, automation and execute on approved plans for a secure, highly available, and efficient cloud environment.

Upgrade the current environment to maximize auto- recovery and geographically distributed redundancy.

Simplify architecture to expand use of Amazon Web Services provided applications.

Improve system monitoring and alerting to improve incident time to resolution while decreasing false positives.

Improve system logging and benchmarking in order to fine tune application infrastructure and gain better insight into system issues and performance.

Work with engineering and application development teams to improve system performance through environment upgrades and improvements.

Summary of Duties & Responsibilities:

Building software and systems to manage infrastructure and applications through automation

Deployment, support and monitoring of existing and new services, platforms, and application stacks

Measurement and optimization of system performance

Capacity planning and management

Explore and evaluate new technologies and solutions to push our capabilities forward and solve tomorrow’s problems not just today’s

Required Skills:     

System Engineering: This is a technical position that requires you to have advanced Linux System Administrator skills, fluency with Amazon Web Services, and advanced configuration management systems skills.

Communication: Ability to communicate technical ideas to technical and non-technical stakeholders is critical. Additionally, the ability to document support procedures will ensure that environments are properly maintained and supported.

Leadership: Collaborative leadership is important to gather technical and business requirements and build plans that incorporate feedback.

Analytical: You will be required to project the impact of design decisions and weigh compromises in operationalbcriteria to meet business objectives.